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What Fired Up! Is All About

Who Are We?

In March 2005, Fired Up! Missouri was "ignited" by former Senator Jean Carnahan and the savvy political analyst, Roy Temple. The Fired Up! website and community has grown a lot since then, but our core mission has remained the same. We continue to be a progressive, web-based news source dedicated to monitoring current issues, unveiling hypocrisy, and opining on political happenings in Missouri.

What Are We About?

Fired Up! spotlights principled, hard-working, fair-minded public servants, but we turn up the heat on mean-spirited, self-righteous, close-minded, divisive, irresponsible, loud-mouthed, fear-mongering politicians.

Help Fan the Flames!

You don't have to subscribe to enjoy Fired Up! But your generous support helps us to provide a high quality website, to expand our investigative reporting, and to maintain a progressive media voice in Missouri.

Since we have a small staff, our overhead is minimal. Even so, we have the ongoing expenses of an office, webmaster, and Internet server, so an occasional clink in our "tin cup" helps us keep the candles burning in the office.



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