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Breaking: Blunt's 65% Solution Is 100% Politics

Fired Up Missouri is disappointed to reveal that on the very day that Governor Blunt claims that education should be above partisan politics, he is promoting an agenda that its funders and promoters acknowledge are part of a national GOP strategy to improve their party's standing on the educaiton issue.

A recent story in the Austin American Statesman, reveals that Governor Blunt's 65% Education proposal is part of a national GOP political strategy to improve the GOP's standing on education, to divide the education community, and to promote vouchers.

From the Austin American Statesman article (Tip: To access the article, use the email address and password: dailykos):

A First Class Education memo obtained by the Austin American-Statesman lists a series of "political benefits" of putting the 65 percent plan on the ballot. The memo says the plan will create divisions within education unions as dollars flow from administrators to teachers, and it says the plan will divert dollars away from other political goals of the "education establishment."

Citing voter trends, it also says the plan can help build support for voucher and charter school proposals, which critics say take money away from public schools.

"Women in particular want public education fixed, not replaced," it says. "Once additional fixing and funding of public education can be achieved via the First Class Education proposal, targeted segments of voters may be more greatly predisposed to supporting voucher and charter school proposals, as Republicans address the voting public with greater credibility on public education issues."

The document speaks specifically to the political benefits of having the 65 percent rule on a public ballot, which is not an immediate issue in Texas because Perry has already ordered the change.

This fully explains why Governor Blunt is insistent in putting this measure on a public ballot, rather than merely passing a statutory change.  Governor Blunt's 65% Solution is 100% about politics.



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