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People Do Shameful Things Behind Closed Doors: Blunt Signs SB1014; Bars Fired Up!

We've always known that the purpose of SB1014 was to close the door on the political process to Democrats, and today Governor Blunt and his staff did so literally.

Responding to Governor Blunt's public notice that he intended to sign SB1014 today in his office, as a member of the media, I decided to drop by to cover this event for the benefit of Fired Up!'s readers.

Upon my arrival, Governor Blunt's staff initially invited me right into the reception area of the office along with other members of the media. Soon, the Governor's hyper-political communications director showed up to "handle" the situation. According to the FEC, I am a member of the media. However, that is not good enough for Mr. Jackson.

As I attempted to quietly enter the Governor's inner office with the rest of the media, Mr. Jackson told me that I had to leave. When I asked him why, he told me that it was because the event was for invited guests only. I asked him who had been invited; he told me that he did not know the answer to that question. Nor did he have an answer when I queried how he knew I wasn't invited if he didn't know who had been invited.

Apparently, there were lots of registered lobbyists invited, because during my conversation with Mr. Jackson, I saw several walk into the bill signing.

Next, Mr. Jackson told me that I couldn't attend because I would be disruptive. I assured him that I had no intention of being disruptive. So, off he went into the dark recesses of his mind in search of another theory.

As a last resort, Mr. Jackson tried to claim that I was "a physical and security" threat to the Governor. I asked him if he had made this assessment on his own, or whether the Governor shared that view. He was unable to offer a response to that question.

However, I believe I know the answer to that question, because just a few weeks ago, near the end of the session, the Governor and I, along with a member of his security detail and a staffer rode the Capitol elevator together. At no time did the Governor give me the impression that he felt physically threatened. In fact, we had a very pleasant discussion about our respective Easter Sundays.

Today, when I asked Jackson what basis he had for making the outrageous assertion that I am a "physical and security threat" to the Governor, he offered up the BluntWorld canard that I have somehow "attacked the Governor's wife and son" on this blog. Mr. Jackson knows that is a lie, and should refrain from repeating it in the future.

What the Governor and Mr. Jackson actually have reason to fear is the truth. If the voters find out the reality of what Governor Blunt has been doing to this state during his 18 months in office, he will be summarily rejected by reasonable minded Missourians.

I guess I tell it a little too straight on this blog. No wonder they are afraid.

Update: Last night Governor Blunt's spokesperson made the following statement to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Jackson said that was his decision, and that he had good reasons. He called Temple one of the "Carnahan hate-bloggers. The Carnahans have a deep and visceral hatred for the Blunt family."

Jackson also accused Temple of having "Timothy McVeigh-like fantasies."

Temple, a lawyer, said he was struck "speechless" by Jackson's McVeigh statement, and is weighing whether to seek legal action. Temple noted that McVeigh, convicted and executed for the Oklahoma City bombing, was "mass murderer."

More to come...



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