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Kent Hampton

Moments ago, the House of Representatives voted 96-61 to pass HB61, a a de facto repeal of the minimum wage passed overwhelmingly by Missouri voters in 2006 that included an annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) to ensure the state’s lowest paid workers don’t fall behind each year.  The 2006 initiative stated that the Missouri minimum wage in a given year  would be the Missouri rate or the federal rate, whichever is higher. With the current state of the national and state economies,  Congressional Budget Office projections state that Missouri’s minimum wage is not expected to exceed the federal rate until 2015.

Eight Republicans refused to go along with their leadership's mean-spirited effort to make life even harder for families who are really struggling to make ends meet: Ryan Silvey of Kansas City, Ann Zerr of St. Charles, Lyle Rowland of Cedar Creek, Don Phillips of Kimberling City, Mike McGhee of Odessa, John McCaherty of High Ridge, Kent Hampton of Malden and Paul Fitzwater of Potosi.

McCaherty actually voted for the bill in committee.  Kudos to him for listening to his constituents instead of the corporate special interests.

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