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Kerry Messer

Today in the the Missouri Baptist Convention's Pathway rag:

The homosexual community has risen up in opposition to House Bill 2051 (HB 2051) and the 19 representatives who have signed onto it. They insist it would have a harmful effect on students struggling with their sexual identity...

Kerry Messer, legislative liaison for the Missouri Baptist Convention, said that all the bill does is to remove the social engineering regarding the homosexual agenda...

Messer said the homosexual network is doing everything it can to harass the 20 representatives who are in support of the bill. “They’re being beaten up with hundreds of harassing phone calls from around the state.”

Messer pointed out that the homosexual lobby is more than the homosexual community. It includes those who have empathy with them, and it is made up of groups who are affiliated based on the sexual fetishes that they hold in common, which may include criminal sexual behavior such as pedophilia, he said.

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