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Brian Nieves' latest Facebook rant, preserved here for posterity: "Veterans, Patriots, Members of our Disabled Community as well as any and all reasonable people .... All I ask is for you to read, and see with your own eyes, the extreme HATRED the missourian and the Miller family have spewed about me and then read my reasoned comment that starts out 'Is it Easy to Visit Our Capitol.' When you read the Extreme, Hate Filled Blathering of Mr. Miller who happens to own the missourian, you'll see why our Disabled Veterans and friends who are disabled in general, may never get sufficient parking made available to them. The Extreme Hatred and Immaturity, the downright loathing you'll read in Mr. Miller's attack piece absolutely makes my point! Don't mess with the High and Mighty Press or you will be CRUSHED! I am proud to stand with our Disabled Veterans and I, for one, believe our Disabled Veterans in particular, as well as our disabled community in general, should get the close up parking over the Elite Press! If you agree, let the missourian know! Cancel subscriptions, write letters to the editor etc etc etc..."

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