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Sharia Law

UPDATE, 5PM: Friends, after much, much more debate and with great thanks to my good friend Birfer Tim Jones for taking up our cause on the floor, HB 1637 was reconsidered and we successfully passed our bill to return the Show-Me State to the gold standard.  FREEDOM REIGNS!!


Today, after much debate, freedom suffered a stinging defeat in the Missouri House.  Friends, the defeat of HB 1637, introduced by Rep. Paul Curtman (R-TeaParty) as the Missouri Sound Money Act of 2012, is a direct attack on our freedom to use gold and silver and revert to the Gold Standard!!

Never fear, my fellow Missourians, someday we will prevail in ensuring that we can revert to an antiquated view of monetary policy, enshrine Islamaphobic legislation into Missouri law, openly carry our guns anywhere no matter what, and ensure everyone knows that the Missouri General Assembly really, really, really hates Obamacare.

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