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The Liberal Media

Missourinet's Bob Priddy has strong feelings about the filibuster of unemployment benefit money by Jim Lembke, Brian Nieves, Rob Schaaf and Will Kraus, but goes out of his way to not be specific about attaching names to offending actions.   In fact, Lembke is the only one of these clowns who gets his full name printed in Priddy's most recent blog post, titled "The Four." Here's a passage where attaching names to behavior would clarify things:

One of the other participants thought that stereotyping the unemployed as people who needed to get off the couch and get a job was helpful to the discussion.(We are reminded of a former colleague at the Missourinet who once remarked, “Stereotyping saves time, doesn’t it?”) Another of Lembke’s allies seemed to feel that arm waving, shouting, and partisan demands that the governor get into the middle of the issue was somehow clever, amusing, and useful. (As Queen Victoria once remarked in an example of British understatement, “We are not amused.”) We’re not sure what the last participant’s contribution was. He seemed to be the little brother who wanted to play with the older kids.

So it was that Senators Lembke, Schaaf, Nieves, and Kraus set forth.

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