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The Liberal Media

Good news: The Democrats in the House of Representatives and two Republicans -- Mike McGhee (Odessa) and Ray Weter (Nixa) -- voted against the GOP effort to amend Missouri's constitution to create new and unnecessary hurdles for voting (SJR2). 

Bad news: Republicans continued to mislead the press and reporters about the intent and effects of their proposal, which is what they've done for years on this issue. Stanley Cox continued to his hackery, even saying that ACORN is "still cheating" in Missouri elections (!).   A few minutes later, Paul Curtman said ACORN and fraud in a sentence about four individuals who submitted bogus voter registrations in 2006, and Missourinet's Brent Martin included Curtman's comments in a story without mentioning that the proposed constitutional amendment would do nothing to change the laws under which those people were indicted.

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