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Brian Nieves

State Sen. Brian Nieves (R-Attack) has a message for you:

Friends, Fellow Citizens, Patriots, and all who care about the future of this Great Republic!! My "Missouri Civil Liberties Defense Act" is under attack!! I don't mind when my bills are fought against with Truth but SB676 is being lied about because those who oppose it know full and well that NOBODY will stand with them IF the Truth is told. The Senators who are Fillibustering the bill are out & out Lying and as you'll see in this short video, those who oppose it are using deception to support their position! Tell your Senator to help pass this bill and do what you can to get Senators Chappelle-Nadal and Justus to stop the Bare Faced, Out-n-Out LIES about this bill.

Unfortunately for Nieves, the bill he views as under attack is truly a waste of time and an attack on our constitution.  In short, SB 676 would prohibit foreign laws from being used in Missouri and American courts. But guess what? The US constitution already has a prohibition on the usage of foreign laws in American courts.  Not only that, but the legislation pushed by Nieves and his cohorts in other states such as Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, and Arizona are really just a nationally coordinated Islamaphobic attack.

Additionally, this sort of legislation has already been found to be unconstitutional in Oklahoma:

Appellants do not identify any actual problem the challenged amendment seeks to solve. Indeed, they admitted at the preliminary injunction hearing that they did not know of even a single instance where an Oklahoma court had applied Sharia law or used the legal precepts of other nations or cultures, let alone that such applications or uses had resulted in concrete problems in Oklahoma. See Awad, 754 F. Supp. 2d at 1308; Aplt. App. Vol. 1 at 67-68.

Given the lack of evidence of any concrete problem, any harm Appellants seek to remedy with the proposed amendment is speculative at best and cannot support a compelling interest.15 “To sacrifice First Amendment protections for so speculative a gain is not warranted . . . .” Columbia Broad. Sys., Inc. v. Democratic Nat’l Co., 412 U.S. 94, 127 (1973).

Instead of attacking the sensibilities of Missourians and wasting valuable time in Jefferson City pursuing unconstitutional legislation, Senator Nieves would be better served in focusing on the real issues at hand such as turning our economy around and creating jobs.

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