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Chuck Purgason

The best blowhards don't need facts

Please update your files:  Reasonable persons, GOP President Pro Tem Rob Mayer, Senate Majority Leader Tom Dempsey, Sen. David Pearce, birther House Floor Leader Tim Jones and New Black Panther Party associate Steve Tilley think the filibuster by Sens. Jim Lembke, Brian Nieves and Rob Schaaf is dumb.   Joined by Sens. Will Kraus and Chuck Purgason, Lembke, Nieves and Schaaf want Missouri to reject federal money for extended unemployment payments.  But, as you know, this is dumb

Other Republicans — including leaders in both the House and Senate — said that while reducing the federal deficit is laudable, the plan is flawed because Missouri's share of the federal money would simply be rerouted to other states.

Any returned money "is not going to go back to pay off people who have notes in China," said House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville. "It's going to be absorbed."

...Majority Leader Tim Jones, R-Eureka, said Missourians pay taxes to the federal government, so the state deserves its share of the federal pie.

"The talking points you're hearing sort of miss the point and the reality," Jones said. "This is money coming back to us as a state to spend wisely as we see fit."

When the tea party's choice to lead the Senate, the Speaker of the House, an unapologetic birther and the New Black Panthers all say you're out to lunch...

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