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David Barklage

Kinder checks his notes at an April 15 political rally before charging taxpayers to stay for a nice dinner at Oceano and an evening at the Chase Park Plaza

Peter Kinder abandoned his hypocritical "Every Dollar Counts" slogan in 2009, long before details of his inappropriate and excessive travel bills became public.  There are his actual policy positions that are completely contrary to his tea party persona. And there are many examples of using taxpayer money and resources for campaign and personal purposes.  A quick stroll down memory lane:

  • 2010: Kinder's Deputy Lieutenant Governor was caught fundraising for a political client using state resources.
  • 2009: An independent accountants' report found improper financial management of Tour of Missouri monies and raised questions about the nature of some travel expenses.   Further analysis of released documents showed huge bills for luxurious meals, booze and room service.
  • 2009: Kinder and his staff filmed and produced a factually-challenged video about federal health care proposals in his official office with public resources.  The video pointed viewers to Kinder's campaign website and was distributed exclusively by the campaign, but its creation was financed by state taxpayers.  A Sunshine request submitted after the story broke confirmed that the video was not sent to any members of the public or press, outside of the Kinder campaign. 
  • 2008: "Kinder was criticized for a practice uncovered by the Post-Dispatch in which he paid bonuses to some of his staff members while others were on leave doing political work. Kinder defended the practice, even though the Post-Dispatch showed that the workers making the extra money were working less during the time of their extra pay, according to time records."
  • 2007: Kinder was found to have used his state car for campaign events, and subsequently reimbursed the state and started using his personal car.
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