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Denny Hoskins

In a good Sunday story for the Tribune, reporter Rudi Keller looks at the desire of some in the General Assembly to revisit the idea that state governments can nullify actions taken by the federal government when they get the hankering.  

As Keller reports, this matter was mostly settled in centuries gone by.  But that won't stop Missouri legislators from revisiting the issue!  Last week, the House passed a bill handled by Rep. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) to give the General Assembly the non-existent ability to 'authorize' any "federal mandate."  This sort of thing sounds nice for the tea party types, but would be an essentially meaningless bit of state law.

Sen. Jim Lembke (R-Lemay) has his own bill "to re-establish state sovereignty," along with a...unique understanding of how this whole America thing works. "I don't need nine [Supreme Court] justices to tell me what [the Constitution] says," declares Lembke. 

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