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Two great letters to the editor in the Post-Dispatch today challenge David Nicklaus' arguments and his ability to give a balanced analysis of raising the minimum wage.

Here's a snippet from one. Read the full thing yourself. You'll have to scroll down to "Incomplete Argument."

In failing to mention, much less discuss, renowned economists, such as Nobel laureates Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, whose views on minimum wage laws are opposite those of the economists Mr. Nicklaus offers us, this columnist fails altogether to help us toward informed judgment on this important issue.

And here's a piece of the second one, and a link to the full piece, Increasing the minimum wage puts more money in the economy.

Perhaps Mr. Nicklaus should try to rely on economics instead of ideology. While he refers to the opinions of two college professors, it is clear that their and Nicklaus’ opinion is at odds with economic evidence.

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