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Today, Rep. Zach Wyatt (R-Adair) stood up to the hate and bigotry shown by some colleagues in the Missouri legislature and called for the withdrawal of HB 2051, the "Don't Say Gay" bill sponsored by 20 bigoted members of the republican party. Joined by Rep. Stacey Newman and others, Wyatt called on Speaker Steve Tilley, Majority Leader Tim Jones, HB2051 Sponsor Steve Cookson and the other 17 cosponsors of the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation to withdraw their support from the bill and commit to not introducing similar language in future legislative sessions.

In the process of speaking against HB 2051, Rep. Wyatt also came out.  In his own words:

Stand with me as a proud republican, a proud veteran, and a proud gay man who wants to protect all kids by addressing bullying in our schools.

According to PROMO Executive Director AJ Bockelman, Rep. Wyatt becomes the only openly gay republican legislator currently serving at the state level in the country.

Click here for Rep. Wyatt's statement denouncing HB2051 from last week.

Here is Rep. Wyatt's full statement from today:


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