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GOP Extremism

Tomorrow is the start of Missouri's 2012 legislative session - hold on to your rights!

In a scathing editorial in today's Post-Dispatch, this:

Don't expect much out of 2012 Missouri Legislature

The so-called "Blueprint for Missouri," the agenda of the Republicans who lead the House with an overwhelming majority, is underwhelming to say the least. Were the actual goal to build a better state, it would be a blueprint for collapse.

But building a better state is not the goal. Indeed, the anti-worker, anti-public-school, anti-government agenda is intended to help those Republican lawmakers produce campaign advertisements that tout so-called conservative credentials.

So lawmakers will waste time debating and passing resolutions criticizing the federal government. When much of the nation's growth depends on immigrants, they'll debate making English the state's official language. They'll decry abortions, then do nothing to actually reduce the incidence of unintended pregnancies. They'll talk of being pro-business, then ignore actual business leaders who say what they need is a stronger workforce and better education system.

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