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GOP Extremism

From Marsha Haefner's (R-St. Louis) official office earlier this week: 

Many times we dismiss this election with the thought that anything of great importance will be on the ballot at the General election, this is a common misconception.  Tomorrow we will vote on Constitutional Amendment 2, this amendment may be the most important ballot issue in Missouri history- It will defend or ammend our religious liberties...

This amendment would change the Missouri state constitution to GUARANTEE citizens the right to pray and worship on public property. Students would be free to pray in public schools, government officials free to acknowledge their Christian faith without fear of reprisal.

This may seem redundant for those who rightly believe this is our right under the Constitution. However with anti-God groups bent on erasing God, prayer and Judeo-Christian influence from the public square, courageous legislators in Missouri recognized they needed to take legislative action. This will proactively protect Missourians from the bullying tactics of anti-faith groups who are misusing the judicial system to further their agenda.

[Emphasis in original]

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