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GOP Obstructionism

The Columbia Daily Tribune’s Hank Waters seems to be landing in the same spot that many rational thinkers are in regards to the debt ceiling drama in DC:

Nobody knows what voters will decide when they next have a chance to let us know, which is why some pols are talking about temporary debt-ceiling increases, postponing the day of reckoning until after November 2012.

Obama is against this, and he is right. The debate over excessive deficits is necessary, but the solution is not the program Republicans insist must be adopted by Aug. 2. Revenue enhancements must be part of the mix, and the necessary tax system changes can be modest.

A recent poll from CBS News shows that 71 percent of respondents disagree with the Republican approach to the debt ceiling negotiations. However, Republican members of Congress seem to be gambling our economic future and their GOP’s political future on this unpopular plan.

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