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GOP Obstructionism

The St. Louis Post Dispatch Editorial Board points out another example of a Missouri State Senate Republican who prefers obstruction to actual governing.

This time it is State Senator Jane Cunningham and her filibuster of a bill that would set up a health insurance exchange in Missouri. Setting up this exchange would let businesses and individuals find a health insurance plan that best fits their needs and their budget: 

Ms. Cunningham was a sponsor of the initiative voters passed last August that purports to strip Missouri of the power to penalize people who fail to purchase health insurance when required by federal law. Ms. Cunningham now links HB 609 to Proposition C, arguing that state health insurance exchanges run afoul of the "will of the people."

Never mind that HB 609 won near-unanimous, bipartisan approval in the House. Never mind that if Missouri fails to create an exchange, the federal government will step in with its own solutions.

Ms. Cunningham seems to prefer a federal intervention. She shows little interest in the complexities of practical governance. She prefers disruption and sloganeering, leaving it to others to pick up the pieces.

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