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Legal Malpractice

Recently, at a Missouri Roundtable for Life "town hall" event in St. Joseph, MOGOP Chairman Emeritus Eddie Martin shared a few thoughts on Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, the legitimacy of his ballot language lawsuits, and the involvement of Satan in the affairs of the state:

For those of you scoring at home:

  • At least some of the Roundtable's legal actions against the state are, in Martin's own words, a "nuisance."
  • Ed Martin told his audience that Secretary of State Robin Carnahan
    • is "the devil," an agent of the devil or under the power of the devil
    • "doesn't need to be honest" and "doesn't want to be honest"
    • and is also one "smartest people in public life in America right now"

I bet the judges, lawyers and clerks will be glad to know that Ed Martin and the Roundtable are just wasting their time so that Ed Martin can feel good about himself. 

As for the satanic control of Robin Carnahan -- well, I have no idea what to make of that.

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