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Kinder with Jim Hoft (a.k.a. Gateway Pundit), another serial liar pushing this 'story'

Somehow, Peter Kinder's week has gotten worse.

For the past several days, #PDK has been pushing an Andrew Breitbart hit job on the twitternets and Republican radio in which University of Missouri labor professors are allegedly found advocating the use of violence. But to the surprise of almost no one outside the tea party, Lieutenant Governor's office and Columbia Daily Tribune newsroom, the videos in question were dishonestly edited -- just like they were in the other famous Breitbart hit pieces. As reported by The Star

Videos released on the Internet showing two University of Missouri instructors advocating union violence totally distorted their comments, a university official said this afternoon.

The university made the determination after reviewing hours of unedited videotape of class lectures...

But university officials, who have spent the week reviewing much of the “18 hours of an unedited video of the Labor in Politics and Society class,” say the website videos are obviously bogus.

“It is clear that edited videos posted on the Internet depict statements from the instructors in an inaccurate and distorted manner by taking their statements out of context and reordering the sequence in which those statements were actually made so as to change their meaning,” UMKC Provost Gail Hackett said in a statement.

The editing is evident when, at one point in the middle of the lecture, [professor Judy] Ancel appears in different clothing.

You can also read a statement from Ancel here. Ancel is one of the targets of the smear, and her statement provides context for several of the quotes the Breitbart lackeys used in their hit piece.

Yet Thursday afternoon, Kinder appeared on air with Dana Loesch, a right-wing radio personality and an "editor in chief" for one of Breitbart's websites. In that interview, Kinder says all of the following:

These are outrageous videos that everybody, every citizen in Missouri, should go and watch them.  The mainstream media -- the lamestream media -- is ignoring this issue. I did see something on Fox and Friends either Monday morning or Tuesday morning on this after you and Andrew Breitbart broke this story and lead on it on, as you're doing on so many stories.  But we've had the St. Louis and the statewide media in Missouri asleep on this, by and large, with the exception of your fine efforts...

This is terrorism. Let's call it what it is.  Industrial sabotage tactics are a form of terrorism.

Listen to their full conversation here:

Really outrageous stuff, but sadly, not even a little bit shocking.

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