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Mark Parkinson

Do you want a state contract? Do you have lots and lots of money to burn? Well Rep. Chrissy Sommer (R-St. Charles), Rep. Anne Zerr (R-St. Charles) and republicans in the Missouri legsilature have a deal for you!

If HB 2076 (Establishes a preference in governmental contracts for person who contribute to alternatives to abortion services) were to become law, you could ensure that in the bidding process you would receive a bidding preference of up to 5 points if you toss a bunch of money at "alternatives to abortion agency or to the alternatives to abortion support fund."

Not only that, but you don't even have to send the money to them before you get the contract, you can just say you're going to and then after you get the contract, you have 12 months to send it.  So take those profits you're going to get from a taxpayer funded state contract and send 'em on over to the anti-choicers at a pregnancy resource center, places notorious for refusing to be forthright about their true agenda of misleading women about their reproductive choices.

Just as an example, say you're a contractor in Joplin and you want to get a state contract to help rebuild a damaged portion of a state highway - a contract that has nothing to do with human reproduction in any way, shape, or form - you would be given 5 bonus bid points if you give 10% of the cost of the contract to one of these alternative agencies.

How many more pieces of legislation are there going to be that don't address the budget crisis our state faces and instead force the ideological preferences of the right-wing fringe on others?

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