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Proposition B

Gov. Jay Nixon's office released the following statement "concerning an agreement between Missouri's animal-welfare and agricultural organizations to enhance the care and treatment of dogs and advance Missouri agriculture" this afternoon:

Over the past week, my administration has been working closely with folks on every side of this issue to reach an agreement that respects the will of the voters, protects dogs and allows responsible breeders to earn a living in our state. People with good minds and good will have come together to develop a Missouri solution to this Missouri issue, and together, we have made significant progress. Throughout this process, I have met personally with representatives of Missouri's major animal-welfare and agricultural organizations, and with leaders on this issue in both the House and the Senate. The agreement that was signed today upholds the intent of the voters, protects dogs and ensures that Missouri agriculture will continue to grow. I look forward to continuing to work with these leaders as we move this proposal through the legislative process as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

The proposed legislative language and letter outlining the agreement from Jon Hagler (MO Department of Agriculture), Kathy Warnick (Humane Society of Missouri), Karen Strange (Missouri Federation of Animal Owners), Bob Baker (Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation), Barbara York (Missouri Pet Breeders Association) and Don Nikodim (Missouri Farmers Care) can be read below the jump. 

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