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Ron Richard

Speaking this morning on KWTO's "Sarah Steelman Hour,"Speaker Ron Richard was asked to share his opinion on the poorly-named "Fair Tax," which would eliminate the state's income and property taxes and replace part of the lost revenue with a much higher sales tax, which would be applied to goods and services currently exempt from sales taxes.

The response is somwhat disjointed, as you might expect, but Richard properly highlights two important points: (1) supporters of the sales tax increase use fuzzy numbers to promise an unrealistically low rate, and (2) a big sales tax increase is a big deal for Missouri's many communities on or near the state border. Missouri's population centers would have a strong incentive to cross over into Kansas or Illinois, especially for relatively expensive goods and services, further exacerbating the economic struggles for Missouri businesses.

Listen to the exchange between Richard and Steelman:

Transcript below the break.

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