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Roy Blunt

The  Donald is making waves today with his sad look-at-me birther talk.  Sadly, this is a pretty savvy move by Donald Trump to get people talking about Donald Trump -- especially the distressing portion of 2012 primary voters who aren't sure Barack Obama is an American citizen

It's also sad to note that The Donald's birfer talk is similar to that from Sen. Roy Blunt.  Blunt, you'll recall, told a progressive activist in July 2009 that birthers were asking "legitimate questions."  And when Missouri reporters asked him why he was talking like a lunatic, he refused to back down. "You guys don't have any capacity to talk about that in a legitimate way," he snarled at a Springfield press gaggle in August 2009.   

Watch Blunt's conversation with blogger-activist Mike Stark from 2009:

For background, check out:

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