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Roy Blunt

It's been a great weekend for bad punditry in Missouri.

In his weekend column, The Star's Steve Kraske compared Sen. Claire McCaskill's recent self-disclosed tax problem and immediate apology to Richard Nixon's Watergate crimes, cover-up and scandal that consumed a nation.  The two events are similar, in Kraske's mind, because they lasted more than one news cycle. (Seriously.)   Is McCaskill"in the midst" of her own Watergate?  It's certainly possible, because there were more than two stories about it!!

To be fair to Kraske, he really had no choice but to lead his column with a comparison to the most scandalous episode in modern American history, for two obvious reasons.   First, the absence of any poll data detailing actual voters' knowledge and attitude towards the Senator and her response means that no Dems in Disarray! prediction is too dire.   Second, it would have been far too boring to compare McCaskill's situation to another candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri who experienced his own property tax turbulence at the exact same moment of a very recent election cycle

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