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Therese Sander.

Earlier this year, many in the General Assembly focused on pedestrian matters like health care, economic development or education. Others, however, fought to protect Missourians from greater threats, like fluoridation and the coercive "subcutaneous implantation of electronic tracking devices."  One of the Representatives taking on the Big Issues was Jim Guest (R-King City).

Late last year, James Walbert went to court, to stop his former business associate from blasting him with mind-altering electromagnetic radiation. Walbert told the Sedgwick County, Kansas panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts of radiation” after a disagreement over a business deal. Later, Walbert, said, he began feeling electric shock sensations, hearing electronically generated tones, and getting popping and ringing sounds in his ears. On December 30th, the court decided in Walbert’s favor, and issued a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using “electronic means” to further harass Walbert. No, seriously...

Walbert’s cause is supported by Jim Guest, a Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He's working on proposed legislation to addresses electronic harassment, including a bill against the forced implantation of RFID chips.

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