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Todd Akin

We have details regarding Rep. Todd Akin's reported arrest that he recently joked about. When pressed for more details, his campaign said they would be forthcoming, and then backtracked and clamped down, refusing to release any information, perhaps because of connections to highly provocative leaders of the anti-abortion movement, people Akin himself has gone so far as to refer to as "freedom fighters," individuals who have since called for the execution of abortion providers. Right Wing Watch has the full story:

In late September we broke the news that Todd Akin was arrested for blocking access to a women's health clinic. We posted a video of Akin speaking in O’Fallon, MO in March 2011. Akin, apparently not aware that he was being recorded, told the crowd that he had been arrested with other protesters outside the clinic. “Don’t tell anybody I’m a jail bird,” he joked. He also said he reunited the evening before with “a group of people who had been in jail with me” who were all “involved in the pro-life movement.”

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