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Tom Schweich

There’s a reason why Andy made Barney keep the bullet in his pocket.  He just wasn’t a very good deputy!  Sort of reminds us of Tom Schweich, who once-upon-a-time served as the “Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Acting Assistant Secretary of State at the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.” You’d think with a title like THAT, and the fact that he managed a $2.5 billion budget with 4,000 employees, that Principal Deputy Schweich would have helped crack down on the scourge of illegal narcotics coming into our country.

Well, one of our elected officials has looked into Schweich’s tenure in that job and found him wanting – and now he’s wanting a new job, US Senator.  Senator McCaskill’s detailed report, issued in June of 2011, depicts a counternarcotics program dogged by a profound lack of oversight and the waste of taxpayer dollars that would make Haliburton jealous.  For just a few of the greatest hits in Sen. McCaskill’s report, consider:

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