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Travis Brown

As we reported, Cole County Judge Patricia Joyce threw out the language for Rex Sinquefield's Everything Tax ballot initiative calling it "insufficient, unfair and prejudicial."

With that ruling and with a similar proposal to eliminate the income tax in Kansas expected to be far short of the necessary votes in their legislature, it looks like Sinquefield's latest attack on the good people of Missouri and Kansas is dead.

In the KCStar today:

Last week a judge threw out Missouri's analysis of a petition aimed at putting an income-for-sales tax swap on the November ballot, a potentially fatal blow for that effort. And in Kansas, lawmakers say the tax reform package they'll consider next week almost certainly will fall far short of the no-income-tax goal.

Ending the income tax turned out to be "a big elephant to swallow," said Travis Brown, a political consultant who has worked with anti-income tax forces in both states.

You'll of course excuse me while I giggle at the crocodile tears being shed by Sinquefield's lackey, Travis Brown, about the fact that it's clear that cooler heads have prevailed and that this attempt to blow monstrously large, billion dollar holes in state budgets which would force ever bigger cuts in the services provided to the hard working taxpayers has failed.

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