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Vicky Hartzler

Republicans swept into office in 2010 after promising an end to “wasteful” taxpayer-funded earmarks.  Unfortunately their plan did not turn our massive debt back into a budget surplus so now Republicans are waffling on their pledge.  Politico caught 65 House Republican freshman – including our very own Vicky Hartzler – signing a letter to their leadership begging them to bring back earmarks. 

Baby Come BackOr really, just one giant earmark bill “jam-packed with special provisions to suspend duties on various foreign goods, even though it runs counter to the earmark ban Republicans campaigned on in 2010 and instituted when they took power.”

It’s a little sad really, for these earmark junkies trying to quit the habit and looking for loopholes.  Begging for just one more hit off the earmark pipe and then they’re done. Swearsies.

Now that Hartzler and her fellow freshmen are reneging on their promise, it’s up in the air to see what Republican leaders do.  But expect this to become a campaign theme against all 65 GOP freshmen down the road.

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