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Vote Yes to Stop Double Taxation

Missourians for Fair & Impartial Courts has released a new web video challenging ShowMe Better Courts for their reliance on the notorious Mark Jacoby to collect signatures for their ballot initiative.  ShowMe Better Courts, led by GOP operative James Harris and funded by right-wing donors who want more radical judges in the state, are pushing an initiative that would allow for call for partisan judicial elections.

A source on the ground reports that Jacoby is coordinating a significant portion of the ShowMe Better Courts' signature gathering effort, and expects a sizable (six figure) bonus if the courts petition qualifies for the ballot.  Corporate records also connect Jacoby to at least one company publicly advertising its work in the state.

  • A company called Star Petition Group has been advertising petition canvasser jobs around the state. See archived job postings here, here, here and here.
  • Those advertisements include messages like this: "We are currently working on 2 issues for the November ballot. The first issue is to prevent the state from adding any new sales taxes to the sale or transfer of homes. The second one is to change the way that judges are elected in the state of Missouri."
  • According to Nexis and corporate registration records, Star Petition Group and Jacoby's YPM, LLC share Box #324 at a Mailboxes, Etc. store in Dunedin, Florida.  See source documents below.
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