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Women's Health

This afternoon, in an affront to women and common sense in Missouri, the Missouri House voted 109 - 45 to override Gov. Nixon's veto of Senate Bill 749 which puts a boss between a woman and her doctor.

From ThinkProgress:

The Missouri legislature has overridden Gov. Jan Nixon’s (D) veto of a bill that would allow employers or health insurance providers to stop offering coverage for contraception, abortion, or sterilization if doing so violated their religious or moral convictions. Nixon had vetoed the legislation in July after it passed in May. The Missouri House voted 109-45 — the exact number of votes needed — to overturn Nixon’s decision, and the Senate approved the override 26-6. The contraception measure was designed to push back against an Obamacare regulation requiring contraception coverage to be included in insurance plans at no additional cost. According to the Associated Press, Missouri has had a law since 2001 requiring contraception to be covered under pharmaceutical benefits.

Elections have consequences. Remember that when you vote this November.

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