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Another Hartzler Head Scratcher: Father Joined Army Reserves At "End of the Vietnam War, Beginning of the Korean War"

Speaking at an event in Laquey on Friday, CD4 candidate Vicky Hartzler tried to build her national defense credentials by talking about her father's service in the Army Reserves.

I have these memories as a little girl of appreciation for the service that he gave, and what it felt like -- just a little bit -- to sacrifice. It was just at the end of the Vietnam War, the beginning of the Korean War.  You know, be could have been called up, but never was.

If you're confused by this claim, it's because the Korean War began in 1950 and ended with an armistice in July 1953, and the United States did not begin withdrawing its troops from Vietnam until 1973.

Here's video of Hartzler's remarks, taken by the Missouri Democratic Party.



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