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Cynthia Davis Commentary Prompts Audible Gasps In Health Policy Hearing

The comments of Birther Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-O'Fallon) at today's House Health Care Policy Committee hearing have Capitol insiders buzzing a bit this afternoon. 

According to multiple individuals in attendance, Davis left fellow representatives and the crowd aghast as she shared her thoughts with a witness -- who happened to be an African American -- about the nutrition habits of 'your people' and 'your community.'

Davis reportedly questioned the witness about her faith background, and then expressed concern about what she perceived to be poor choices made by food stamp recipients, making multiple references to white milk being preferable to chocolate milk.

I'm told Davis also said something close to, ""We should revamp the food stamp program so people who get food stamps can't buy junk food like potato chips and chocolate milk"...while she was eating potato chips herself. 

We're still trying to scrounge up audio or video of the comments, and will update this post as more information is collected.



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