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Billy Long Not Fed Up With Young Guns' Scathing Criticism of Roy Blunt Leadership Team

Billy Long ain't fed up with the 'Young Guns."

You may recall that said "Young Guns" are three aspiring leaders in the House GOP Caucus with a new book coming out soon -- one with 'scathing' criticism of Speaker Denny Hastert, Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Majority Whip Roy Blunt.  As previewed by the Washington Post.

Aggressively looking to distance themselves from their party's past, three top Republican House members are using a new book to repeatedly and often scathingly criticize former GOP leaders.

In "Young Guns," due for release in the next couple of weeks, Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) and Paul Ryan (Wis.) cast the Republican congressional leaders who preceded them as a group that "betrayed its principles" and was plagued by "failures from high-profile ethics lapses to the inability to rein in spending or even slow the growth of government." Cantor specifically says Republicans became "arrogant and "out of touch."

"Under Republican leadership in the early 2000's, spending and government got out of control," McCarthy writes. "As government grew, there were scandals and political corruption. The focus became getting reelected rather than solving problems and addressing pressing issues."

Coincidently, it was Blunt's long list of ethical lapses and lack of real policy solutions that ended his time in the House leadership team.

Young Guns hits shelves tomorrow.  Stay tuned.



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