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Birther day thoughts

The same day released a brand new analysis of the already-thoroughly-debunked and discredited theories about Barack Obama's American citizenship, one of the nation's top "birther" crusaders came to Missouri to rally support for her cause. The article titled, "Obama's birth certificate: Final chapter. This time we mean it!" suggests that the case is settled. And in the world of facts and documents and reality where most of us reside, it is a done deal.  But I just sat through a two-hour meeting with chief birther conspiracist Orly Taitz in Jefferson City, and it's clear that she and her allies exist in an entirely different reality.

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First and foremost, Orly Taitz and her supporters at the meeting seem undeterred by facts. Indeed, any attempts to explore and explain why they're wrong are just dismissed as absurd claims from pro-Obama stooges.  Never mind that there isn't any evidence to back up the birthers' many conflicting claims. Or that otherwise very partisan and very conservative individuals find the allegations completely ridiculous.

Second, their focus is almost entirely on the alleged insufficiency of Obama's birth documents. But even if said documents were accepted by the birthers as legit, and prove that Obama was born in Hawaii, they say it doesn't matter because Obama's dad was a British citizen. This doesn't slow down their obsession with Obama's documents, of course.  But why in the world do they spend so much energy proving or disproving the legitimacy of documents that they themselves say are irrelevant? 

Third, it's a sad state of affairs that these manifestly false allegations enjoy support from so many members of the Missouri General Assembly. State Reps. Cynthia Davis, Tim Jones and Casey Guernsey are all participating in a lawsuit with Taitz to prove he's not an American Citizen.  Taitz is proud of the support from these three, and was thrilled to see Ed Emery at the Jeff City event.  She also talked this afternoon about Sen. Jim Lembke as being "quite supportive" of her efforts. The Platte County GOP was publicizing the event.  Rep. Mike McGhee said he was going to attend, but failed to show. Why are there so many on board this crazy train?

Fourth, none of these folks seem to have a problem with Taitz's outrageous, hateful, unfounded, and otherwise ridiculous statements. What are we to think about the people who intentionally associate with a leader who thinks we live in a Nazi Police State, willfully spreads false information about a man's religion, is afraid of FEMA work camps, and above all impervious to reason in her anti-Obama crusade?

Finally, I think it's worth saying that the very fact that Orly Taitz and her followers were able to have a couple of meetings today -- however misguided -- is a great thing. That Taitz's organization is able to thrive, and that Taitz can say whatever she wants on the Internet or yards from the State Capitols is damn fine proof that we don't live in Nazi police state. However offensive and ridiculous, I'm glad she and her peeps can get together and say wacko things about the President.

What a day.


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