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Blunt Assessment: "a porker and recalcitrant on many reform issues"

It's not just progressives who find the track record of Roy Blunt (R-K Street) disconcerting. In today's Blunt Assessment, we bring you the words of Erick Erickson, managing editor of

It is no secret that Roy Blunt, while a conservative standard bearer on social issues, is squishy on fiscal issues. He has been a porker and recalcitrant on many reform issues.

So here is where we find ourselves: Roy Blunt is an extraordinarily nice guy. It’s no secret I have not been a fan of his leadership in the House Republican Conference, but I like him and his staff a great deal.

That's about all he can muster -- that Blunt is pleasant to be around in public settings. Of course, Erickson doesn't seem too excited about Sarah Steelman's candidacy either:

Looking at her record and her positions running for Governor, I’d say she’d be my ideological pick. But more and more people tell me she’s a jerk. And these are not the types of people who view self-starting conservative women as jerks. These are people who supported her for Governor. They tell me they are deeply fearful that were she to lose the nomination to Roy Blunt that she’d run a behind the scenes slash and burn campaign, which would only help Carnahan.

Read the whole thing here.



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