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Blunt to Schweich: Please, please, please don't run

Pretty, pretty please:

Congressman Roy Blunt wasted no time reaching out to Tom Schweich Monday, hours after the former U.S. ambassador and Washington University law professor told reporters he was interested in running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

"Roy Blunt would welcome Mr. Schweich's support in our campaign," said spokesman Rich Chrismer in a statement sent to The Notebook."As Senator Bond said last week, Roy has the desire and the ability to unite our party which is why he has wide and broad support from grassroots volunteers to Missouri's elected officials," Chrismer added.


"This has a potential to cut majorly into Roy's fundraising base," said one St. Louis Republican, speaking freely on the condition of anonymity. "These are some big names lining up behind Schweich [e.g., Sen. Jack Danforth, Sam Fox, Bert Walker]. Big money Republicans that give $2 or $4-thousand dollars every cycle," the Republican continued.

Sarah Steelman, meanwhile, is delighted (shocking!) to see another man in the race to divide the primary electorate:

I think the Republican Party needs to embrace people who are willing to run for office instead of letting political power brokers who are more interested in profiting off of government and retaining their power hand pick someone for the job. Let's try having a little competition in the free market of ideas in the Republican Party instead of a monopoly.



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