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Blunt's Entire Birther Interview

As requested by the Blunt campaign, Fire Dog Lake has posted their full footage of birther comments by Roy Blunt.

Combined with his spokesman's absolute refusal to answer direct questions about Obama's citizenship and legitimacy as president, I don't know how Blunt will be able to talk his way out of this one.

There's simply no way to excuse his comments.  He's grossly misinformed about the documents confirming Obama's birth, and was all too willing to ask misinformed questions to further the hysteria.

Even his purported statement of belief is slimy, and straight out of the birther playbook. 

Recall this Daily Show gem (fast forward to 7:20 to see Stewart destroy weaselly statements like Blunt's):


Hilarious. And dead on. 

If Blunt truly "had no reason" to believe Obama wasn't a citizen, he wouldn't have spent the next minute asking ridiculous questions about documents proving his citizenship. 

And Rich Chrismer wouldn't have hesitated to state that Barack Obama is a citizen.

Either subscribe to the insanity.  Or don't.  There is no middle ground.



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