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Bond Supports GOP Filibuster of Unemployment Insurance Extension and Tax Breaks

A bipartisan supermajority ended a GOP filibuster of legislation to extend unemployment benefits through the end the year today.  However, Kit Bond voted against the cloture motion to end debate on the bill. The Associated Press summarizes the proposal:

Legislation to give additional months of unemployment benefits to people who have been out of a job for more than half a year has won key GOP support that means it will soon pass the Senate.

The sweeping bill also would prevent doctors from absorbing a crippling cut in Medicare payments and extends health insurance subsidies for the unemployed through December.

Eight Republicans voted with Democrats to defeat a GOP filibuster of the measure, setting up a final vote later today.

The bill also extends a variety of tax breaks for businesses and individuals that are popular with senators in both parties.

The final vote in the Senate is expected in the next few days; it has not yet passed the House.



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