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Breaking: Fox Uninterested in Facts

Media Matters released a devastating recording today of Fox News executive Bill Sammon boasting to a cruise ship lecture audience that he repeatedly lied (or in Sammon's words,"engaged in...rather mischievous speculation") regarding Barack Obama's true socialist agenda.   Sammon admitted that he didn't believe the garbage he was spreading, but did it anyway, because he was the Fox News executive in charge of political coverage.  Here's a video with Sammon's comments, plus context, released by Media Matters today:

After the recording was made public this morning, Sammon told The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz that "he doesn’t regret repeatedly raising it on the air because, Sammon says, 'it was a main point of discussion on all the channels, in all the media' — and by 2009 he was "astonished by how the needle had moved.'"  In other words, it was okay for him to held spread the lie as a Fox executive, because a lot of people on his own network followed his lead and further spread the same lie. 

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent sums it up even more succinctly: "The bottom line is that he doesn’t regret having spread an idea he personally found far-fetched, because so doing helped ensure that the far-fetched idea ultimately gained widespread acceptance. That’s a peculiar attitude for a 'news' executive, isn’t it?"



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