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Thomas Schweich, on stage with "the sedentary, uncreative Republican leadership in this state" (his words) in Kansas City today, said that "what you’re seeing in the current auditor [Susan Montee] is a hyper-partisan auditor, protecting the Obama agenda, flip-flopping on the issues and also issuing politically motivated audits.”

Really?  This is the same guy who promised Republican donors one short year ago that he would use the office of the Auditor to "aggressively" pursue Gov. Jay Nixon "leading up to the 2012 gubernatorial election."  In Schweich's words, "There's an important policy reason that this auditor's race is so important, and there's also a very significant reason from a political standpoint if you're a loyal Republican."  Talk about a change in approach. 

And I just can't get over the idea of Schweich making a huge deal of his campaign fly-around with John Ashcroft, Kit Bond, Jack Danforth, Margaret Kelly, Peter Kinder and Jim Talent after calling out said group of GOP leaders for their backroom deals and "sedentary, uncreative" leadership.  "The Missouri Republican Party seems to have no plan for responsible Missourians. Just saying no to what Obama or Nixon wants is not a plan," he wrote in March 2009.  Then he makes a deal to excuse himself from the US Senate race and secure financial and political support for a lower office, and his skewering of the MOGOP disappears from memory and the press coverage of the race. 

Pretty soon, I expect Schweich to say that revenge candidacies and rock and roll will be the downfall of our democracy.



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