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Connecting the Dots on Photo ID

Affected voters and Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren held an awareness event with Secretary of State Robin Carnahan this afternoon to discuss an updated list of registered voters who don't have driver's licenses. The event comes as HJR 9 sits on the House Perfection Calendar and legislators have predicted that it will be sent out of the House this week. 

Overall, there are nearly 230,000 Missouri registered voters who currently do not have government-issued identification. Breaking it down by county, we see a startling trend of which voters will be most impacted:

  • St. Louis Co.: 51,708
  • St. Louis City:  29,949
  • Kansas City:  22,741
  • Greene Co:  10,043
  • Jackson Co:  8,866
  • Boone Co:  6,055
  • St. Charles Co:  5,903
  • Clay Co:  5,580

The list goes on and on and on...

I don't need anymore evidence to know that photo ID will cause chaos and disenfranchise voters statewide.  I don't need anymore evidence to understand that this measure will create more hurdles for progressives than out-state conservatives. 

Imagine 230,000 ballots are lost at the polls in a general election?  That wouldn't be acceptable because of its major electoral impacts across the state.  In fact, 230,000 votes could swing almost every presidential, gubernatorial and senatorial race from the last 5 general election cycles

Connecting the dots, we can all recognize that most statewide (and down-ballot races) are won and lost by less than 25,000 votes and the GOP knows it.  That's why they want to skim 230,000 voters off the top. 

The GOP should stop playing politics with voter rights before they get burned...



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