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Cynthia Davis and Ed Emery Refuse To Back Down From Bogus Birther Theories, Tim Jones Refuses to Comment

KBIA had a short story yesterday on the continued existence of the birther movement in Missouri politics featuring Reps. Cynthia Davis (R-O'Fallon) and Ed Emery (R-Lamar). It's frustrating to hear the local NPR reporter does present their questions as semi-legitimate queries, but the lunacy from Davis and Emery is countered by Rob Farley of (you can read what he's written about the bogus controversy here). 

Listen to an MP3 of the story at this link. 

Curiously, Rep. Tim Jones (R-Eureka), a plaintiff with Davis in Orly Taitz' federal birther suit filed in California, refused to comment on Obama's alleged usurping of the presidency.  It sure is odd that Jones is willing to sign on to a lawsuit in California alleging that Obama has committed treason and incredible other crimes, but he's completely unwilling to speak to Missouri reporters about his involvement. 

** One minor note: The KBIA story incorrectly states that Davis and Emery were at the same Orly Taitz event in Jefferson City in July -- Davis was actually at a similar event in St. Charles.



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