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Cynthia Davis now calling for a federal trial to prove Obama's citizenship

Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-Pluto) won't give it up.  As we've been reporting for a while, Davis, Rep. Tim Jones and other members of the Missouri Birther Caucus have been pursuing a discredited, debunked and otherwise laughed-at theory alleging that President Obama isn't actually an American citizen.

Today, Davis has signed a letter stating her belief that Obama is "usurping the office of President" and asking for a jury trial to verify Obama's citizenship. She also wants the governments of Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia and "Britain" to weigh in on Obama's alleged usurping.

We're totally not making this up.

Read the the full letter here: 

United States Attorney, Jeffrey A. Taylor
Judiciary Center Building
555 Fourth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20530
Ph (202)514-7566; Fax (202)307-3569
March 29, 2009

Honorable United States Attorney Taylor

Re: Request for the United States to relate Quo Warranto on Barack Hussein Obama, II to Test His Title to President


ALLEN C. JAMES, US Army, Active Duty, currently in Iraq
RAYMOND REFITT, Commander, Nuclear Submarine, US Navy, Ret
HARRY RILEY, Colonel, US Army, Ret
CHARLES E. MILLER, Lt. Col. US Air Force, Ret
TIMOTHY W. KENNEY, Citadel Instructor, USMC veteran, Virginia Army National Guard
RALPH H. JENKINS, Cpt US  Marine Corps
ERIC SWAFFORD, State Representative of  Tennessee
LARRY RAPPAPORT , State Representative of New Hampshire
CYNTHIA DAVIS, State Representative of Missouri

These Relators bring information in the nature of Quo Warranto that Barack Hussein Obama, II, is usurping the office of President, per the attached relation.

Relators request that as US Attorney, you institute a Quo Warranto proceeding against Obama under DC Code § 16-3502, and demand that Obama show clear title, proving, with clear and convincing evidence, that he had qualified as President elect.

By each Relator’s constitutional Oath of Office, and interest above other citizens and taxpayers, Relators submit that they have standing.
Relators relate this information in the form of draft motions to the United States District Court, in the District of Columbia. This includes bringing quo warranto and request for a jury trial to establish the facts.

In arguendo of Respondent Obama’s burden of proof, motions are submitted requesting mandamus on Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle for evidence, and on Sec. State Hillary Rodham Clinton for evidence and to request evidence from Britain and the Republics of Kenya, Indonesia and Pakistan.

I am registered before the Supreme Court bar.

This quo warranto focuses on the foundational issue of enforcing and preserving our Constitution’s vital safeguards provided to preserve our Republic from tyranny.

Yours sincerely

Orly Taitz, Esq., Attorney for Relators
26302 La Paz
Mission Viejo CA 92691
Phone 949-683-5411

Encl. Draft Brief with Motions to the US District Court, District of Columbia to relate Quo Warranto on Barack Hussein Obama II, testing his title to President.

Click here for more information about Davis, Tim Jones and the other conspiracy theorists in the Capitol.



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