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Cynthia Davis Sponsors Constitutional Amendment Mirroring Roundtable's Latest (30th) Ballot Initiative

Today, Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-Other Universe) introduced HJR 49, a constitutional amendment very similar to the Missouri Roundtable for Life's latest ballot initiative (their 30th in 22 months) that would, in supporters' words, "stop taxpayer funding of abortion, human cloning, and embryonic stem cell research because they all destroy human life."  

Though it's not entirely clear at this point, the Roundtable's endorsement of this new approach may indicate that they're not able or interested in collecting the signatures to put anything on the ballot this year.

Just like the Roundtable ballot initiative it replaces, the language in Davis' proposal would allow lawmakers to withhold public funds to Missouri universities and hospitals to block lawful stem cell research, and could even prevent grants and private foundations from going to institutions like the University of Missouri. 

The Roundtable and Ed Martin sued the state about a previous iteration of this proposal, and completely embarrassed themselves in the process.  Martin told a friendly audience that the lawsuit, which required considerable taxpayer resources, was actually intended to be a "nuisance" for Sec. of State Robin Carnahan.  When their suit was dismissed, a Cole County judge said their "arguments of conspiracy and constitutional violations fail as a matter of law, are without merit, and rise to the level of being frivolous."

Doug Funderberk, Chuck Gatschenberger, Mike McGhee, Marilyn Ruestman, Linda Fischer and Walt Bivens have cosponsored Davis' proposed constitutional amendment.



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