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Cynthia Davis may be on to something with the MIAC report

I've signed up for Cynthia Davis' email list about a dozen times, but still have to wait until she posts her weekly newsletters on the web before I can read them. So this is a little dated (it's from last week), but here's Davis' take on the MIAC report controversy:

Commonly recognized terrorist groups were not even mentioned in the report. In fact, most groups listed in this report are more likely to be good citizens - and even legislators! 

She has a point. Apart from the Atlantic Olympic Park bomber, the Oklahoma City bombers, the Militia of Montana, the Christian Identity nuts who think that non-whites are "mud-people," Neo-Nazis, Branch Davidians, the Ruby Ridge folks, the anti-Semites who fear the "ZOG," the Oklahoma Constitutional Militia, the Aryan Republican Army, the Arizona Viper Team, the Mountaineer Militia, the Third Continental Congress, the North American Militia, the Montana Freemen, the Idaho Mountain Boys Militia, the Kentucky Militia, the Texas Militia, the Michigan Militia and the Alabama Free Militia, there weren't any violent groups mentioned in the report.

And members of the groups listed above are "likely to be good citizens - and even legislators!"



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