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Dave Spence Fudges Own Website Poll

Being a scientist - I can call myself that since I have a background in Political Science, right? - it's always really frustrating when, after spending ages collecting my data, it doesn't support my hypothesis.  When this sort of occurence happens, I go by the old when all else fails, manipulate the data rule of science (global warming style, ya know).  Because of this, you'll imagine my surprise that someone who doesn't have a degree in science would know of this, especially since those of us scientists tend to keep this on the DL so no one calls us on our faulty experiments until 20 years later and we're teaching at one of those left-wing, brain-washing, elitist universities and can't be fired because we finally have tenure, to see that none other than degree-fudging home economist expert Dave Spence did exactly what we in science do!

You'll remember that governor wannabe Dave Spence had a poll running on his website yesterday asking if we should be more like Wisconsin and Ohio and try busting unions here in Missouri.  Well, the data Spence was collecting wasn't really going his way - when I checked yesterday afternoon, the question of whether we should keep Gov. Nixon and not bust unions was well ahead with 74% of the vote!  SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT.  That's almost a 3-1 margin AGAINST Spence on his own website. See below:

I'll give you a moment to compose yourself after falling off your chair from laughing...

So yea, not a good day for Spence.  But wait!  You know where this is going, right?

Last night, just for grins, I decided to check one last time to see if the margins had inched up a bit.  But I was shocked - shocked, I tell you - to see that the questions had been swapped but the winning percentage had remained in the same spot.  If you can't get your folks to show up and vote to attack workers and support your union busting ideas, what else can you do?  Oh wait, when all else fails, manipulate the data.  Gotcha.

If you take a close look at those two screen grabs, you'll notice that the questions have been swapped, but not their percentages.  When is this guy going to stop fudging the facts and start sticking to the truth?



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