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Does Not Compute

Billy Long, as noted here yesterday, was the only Missouri in Congress to vote to shut down the government early Saturday morning.  Long's vote for a shutdown stands in stark contrast to his bloviating earlier the week, suggesting that it was everyone else in Washington who wanted a shutdown.

The News-Leader asked Long to explain his vote for a shutdown, and this is what he said:

I voted against the one-week stop gap continuing resolution Friday night because it didn't fund the troops for the rest of the year and didn't cut enough spending. We need to quit using our fighting men and women as political pawns.

It's true that the vote cast early Saturday morning was for a short term continuing resolution, agreed to by House leaders, Senate leaders and the White House, to pay the bills while the full budget plan made its way through both chambers.  But as Vicky Hartzler said, the deal means "troops will be funded." 

If a majority of the House had supported Long's position, troops would not have received their full pay during the shutdown. 

Image credit: Chris Leaman



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